150 Day Journal Challenge: Day 32 – What’s Stressing You Out The Most Right Now

Thinking about the one thing stressing me out the most right now wasn’t a fair question. I had several things to choose from and I couldn’t narrow it down. I’m juggling quite a few things at the moment and the idea that I’m keeping these plates spinning amazes me. Then it hit me. The one thing stressing me out the most was everything.

I’m behind in my journal challenge entries. For the past week and a half, my schedule has been packed full of miscellaneous stuff that I’m having trouble finding a few minutes to get one of these out. So, here I am sitting in the side stage of a play writing in my phone. Speaking of the play…

I’ve been tasked with helping the play going up at the local community theatre with their production of Over My Dead Body. There is an elaborate effect at the end if act one that no one knew how to figure out. The director of the show has been a problem and people have needed to step in to make sure the show gets done. Well, we eventually got the truck to work and I’m staying on as a member of stage crew to give the cast a little piece of mind. I don’t really want to be here, but I was a director in need of help before, so I think it’s only fair I return the favor.

Soccer season has started and we have games every Thursday. I’m missing a show the second weekend because I’m at the weekly game. Getting soccer uniforms clean, cleats bought, and a kid to practices have put more things on my to do list till the middle of October.

My hernia is starting to give me pain (I have an umbilical hernia that hasn’t given me issues til last week) and I have to watch how much activity I do. Even standing for longer periods of time start to hurt. I saw the doctor last Friday and he said it’s time to address it. I have to see when we can schedule and pay for a surgery. I haven’t had a procedure where I had to go under anesthesia before, so I’m a little nervous. When all this will happen, I don’t know, but it will be sooner rather than later.

All this…and I’m not getting any writing done at all. I’m booked until this show is over. Any time I have at home is spent taking care of yard work, laundry, or whatever else needs done at the house.

So, you can see my plate is full at the moment. Any one or two of these things I could manage, but having it all together is stressing me out a good deal. This show opens this weekend and closes next Sunday. I can make it till then.

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