I mostly write poetry that comes off whatever inspires me at the moment. I try to cover a good variety of topics and forms of structure.  Sometimes I make an attempt at rhyme, sometimes it’s good ole free verse.  Either way, it’s honest.  Occasionally I may come up with an article or something closer to a journal entry just to clear my mind.

No one who knows me regularly is aware of the fact that I write. I’m normally pretty quiet and I keep my thoughts to myself.  Once I started I just kept on going and now I’m not sure I can really stop.  Or want to for that matter.  With me being reserved as I am, I’m not sure how I’d really bring up the fact that I write.  That and I’d feel reserved in what I would say if I knew that close family and friends are reading what I release.  So in an effort to not feel the need to sensor myself, I proceed as I am.

I’m out on social media! Find me on Twitter at @Marvel_zombie and you can catch me on Instagram under Marvel_zombie. You have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you.

I also am a featured writer in a local magazine that is distributed through northeast Alabama called Hometown Parent.  My first article was featured in their July/August 2016 issue and I’ve been in it since then. Check them out at http://www.hometownparent.com


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