In darkness I await you, I see nothing

Eyes shrouded in blackness I reach out with my ears

I wait, I listen

You move softly near, but don’t touch

I can feel you just a breath away

I hold my breath, I wait

You draw close to my neck and slowly breathe me in

I feel your lips part

The air from your mouth has my skin on high

I gasp yet you have still to touch me

I feel the warmth of your body next to mine

I ache to reach out, to take you, but I do as I’m told and wait

Your lips on my neck, your tongue

I hear a soft moan as if you were savoring your last piece of chocolate

You reach and find me ready for you

I ache to reach out, to take you, but I do as I’m told and wait

In darkness I savor you, I see nothing

Your mouth explores me, taking its time

I feel your touch, but you aren’t touching me

Your movements give you away

I ache to reach out, to feel you,

You torture me by going first

You move again parting your legs and I feel you

Wet, warm, perfect

I move to reach but remember myself

I wait

Leaning in to me, lips meeting mine, you move

Hips against mine as you sway, pressing in to me

I see nothing, but I feel all of you

Soft skin against mine

Nails dragging my chest as you move

I reach out to you but you’re faster

No!  Not yet!

I scream inside for the release you deny me

Ecstasy roars like a wild lion who claims the Savannah

and you know it

You finally stop when you have driven me mad and help me recover my sanity

Leaning in, you hold my face firmly and slowly trace your tongue up the side of my face

A tender kiss follows

Suddenly I can see as you remove my darkness and release the light

You bear a sly smile on your face

Your sleek body glistens with hard earned sweat

Hungry eyes meet mine and you whisper

“Now it’s my turn”