I Feel

I feel your hungry eyes upon me, starving, waiting to consume

I feel your breath at my cheek, no longer any distance between us

Button by button my shirt comes undone and

I feel your hands move up and across my chest

Your hands are soft but have energy that fills me

I am awake, alert, I feel…

I feel your lips on my neck, slow and tender

I feel your tongue on my skin as you taste, sample me

That first savory taste before you eat your meal

I feel my shirt fall to the floor as I feel your lips meet mine

Breathing in, I feel you against me

Tender and warm

I feel your body through my fingers, my hands

I feel the quickening of your heartbeat

Your excitement goes through all of you and

I feel you smile as I feel you some more

I feel your curves one at a time

I feel your shape that makes up all of you

From memory I could almost blindly trace you

I know the feel of you, all of you

I feel your hands move below and hold me

I feel strength and drive to move

I feel you move in syncopated rhythm to have me do as you would

I feel you through your legs

I feel you wet, ready, and waiting

You pull me and bring me closer

I feel you as I move in to you

You feel me too

I feel your breath shudder in my ear

I feel you grasp my neck and legs enwrap me

I feel your teeth in my shoulder as I move

Deeper, harder, through the core of you

I feel your mind shatter as you break

I feel you want to jump out of your skin but you just don’t know how

I feel you pull on my ear with your mouth and plead

Please…I want to feel you

I feel you hold as I push forward

I feel your heat, your sweat

I feel you tense in anticipation as I push past

And you feel me melt in to you

I feel you kiss me

With a fervor that says thank you

I feel you breathe, your heartbeat matches mine

In no space between us we just feel the other

Their being, their presence, just living the moment

When all we can do is feel