I Imagine

I imagine you in a backless dress

That comes to just above your knee

Just why you wore it, no one else would swear it

You adorned it tonight just for me

I imagine you right behind me

So you could reach out and hold me close

Your hands on my chest, you draw in your breath

Your desire for me no one else knows

I imagine I turn just enough

To be discrete at what I do next

My hand holds your face, my lips take their place

My tongue traces the contours of your neck

I imagine the table behind you

Will serve for the purpose I need

I lift you so deftly, you move just as gently

The look in in your eyes says proceed

I imagine your softness of skin

As I move your dress past your hips

You reach down inside and all but implied

Just what you ached for was this

I imagine your phrase was seductive

But your voice faltered when you felt me move in

Your speech failed to contain any steady refrain

You fell subject to my touch deep within

I imagine my heart was racing

As I lost myself inside of you

Your breath in my ear, your shadow was smeared

The lust in my heart all I knew

I imagine your clothes are disheveled

A tossed mess that’s similar to mine

Upon our conclusion there is no refusing

We would not be content with one time

I imagine you’d kiss me softly

As we gather the last of our composure

As if just to say there was really no way

That our affair would find enough closure

I imagine…