In the Moment

I saw you for only an instant

But an instant was all I would need

I know you inside and out

How you feel, how you sound, how you taste

The warmth of your touch gets under my skin

And any control in my thoughts is erased

I reach out for you and you find me

My senses are already on fire

The heat from your breath is upon my cheek

So I push forth and give in to desire

We exchange no words between us

But we know exactly what to say

My movements flow in tandem with yours

Neither one of us requesting parlay

I press in to you but you press back harder

And just for a moment we hold

You breathe me in and I lose myself

And I do just what I am told

My hands find your waist and I move

Your voice shudders as I move in

My back is afire as you respond in kind

But with all the heat I am lost in my sin

Sweet sweat

Your sigh in my ear

I am lost in a collage of senses

Your body

Your face

Your pulsing heartbeat

I am stripped of all my defenses

Before we break you hold me close

You clutch me like your most prized possession

Your last kiss is sweet and tender

And we part ways without even a question

You’ll never know the effect you’ve had on me

The fire, the force, the compassion

That for one moment in time you were mine

And I was a slave to you lost in my passion

In an instant there we were and no one was wiser

The thought gone as soon as it came

I can only hope you will return to me some day

And again we become lost in the flame