We were well into the night and four beers in

What we discussed had quickly turned steamy

Fragile walls that were up came tumbling down

After that last smooth shot of Bacardi

You had me hook, line, and sinker; I stood no real chance

Your ink showing through your sheer shirt

We finished our round and got real secluded

You wanting to do more than just flirt

You tore through my shirt as your opening move

Being subtle was not on your mind

Your kisses bore teeth into my skin

The sensation blowing my mind

I had to have all of you; no regard to tomorrow

My thoughts only of now

In the morning you’d smile when you’d think of me

And I was about to show you just how

I kissed you so deep for a moment you froze

I was more than you were expecting

I reached down for you and began on my work

Of a rhythm that started you panting

Your moans in my ear and nails in my back

Were just what you needed to bring me

Where I could take it no more and move in to you

My resolve was finally breaking

The move of your hips and the curve of your body

Merged us together unlike anything I knew

You leaned back to help my hands with exploring

Tracing all the tattoos on you

The smell of your sweat, the taste of your skin

The more that I had the hungrier I became

You let me have all of you I could dare to stand

And you devoured me just the same way

You shifted your pace to claim me as yours

Through my skin I was about to explode

You met me there just at the same place

In that moment I swear that you glowed

You grabbed my face and kissed me real hard

The perfect end to a ferocious act

Like the tattoos on you I now wore you for life

Your ink on my soul was too tightly packed