Intimate Space

You wore my shirt to enchant me

Your figure below

The buttons just so

You knew I had no hope to resist

I moved to you and you met me

Your lips on my neck

My composure a wreck

My body was yours for the taking

My arms lifted you up off the ground

My patience was shot

Body heat so hot

Any procedure was not for discussion

Taking my lead your legs wrapped around

I moved in to your place

Your most intimate space

You held on as I moved to the wall

Deeper, harder

I had to have all of you

And just as much you wanted me

In your frenzy you bit my lip just enough

For blood to smear on your cheek

I got high on your essence

The arch of your back

The flush of your face

The tense shudder of your body

I came to the end of me

In all that was you

I would have stayed there with you through eternity