Lap Dance

Pressing play, it begins

You move to the music; smooth and melodic

You bade me sit and watch, and obliging, I do

Swaying back and forth, your hands move along your body

Closing your eyes you are alone in the world

Pleasure is all on your mind

Your hands move up and caress your chest



Your senses are awakened at your touch

Moving closer to me you sit in my lap

Your hips swirl into me

Unable to hold back my hands they find your body

Removing any clothing that would restrain

You lean back into me

As still grinding into me

You feel me below rising up to meet you

I feel your hand at my face as you take in the moment

Turning me on just fuels your fire

Standing you turn, and do away with my pants

No barrier now between us

You sit on my lap and pull you panties aside

To slide down on to me hip to hip

You continue your dance without missing a beat

The music had never left you

We move in fluid motion, one in the same

Our bodies as close as could possibly be

My mouth on your chest

Tongue tasting


Subtle bite makes you moan

Taking my face in your hands you kiss me

Your passion overflows

Craving move you quicken

I hold you so I don’t fly away

I feel you build to your moment

Which in turn brings me to mine

Release to extreme I took no heed

Of the scrapes up and down my body

Kissing me once more in our soft denouement

Your eyes hold in to mine

A soft pause

A new track begins

Once more we take up the cause

And proceed to dance once again