Late Night Movie

You and me on the couch

Taking in a night movie

Your head in my lap

I look on you and start stirring

Your look is so soft

A tank and fuzzy house pants

Hugging your feminine curves

I’d resist you but just can’t

I trace my fingers along your silhouette

Taking hold just under your waistband

Play with it there for a short sweet second

Before taking full hold of your ass with my hand

My message is clear and you respond in kind

Your hands find me there next your head

It’s not just a minute before I’m ready to go

A quick fix and my clothes have been shed

Your mouth works wonders as it does every time

You grace me with the use of your lips

The pleasure you take in what you do best

Is enough to send me a trip

As you work your magic I reach down for you

To the treasure between your thighs

With movement of my own you are ready to go

Sleek wetness has come just in time

Standing you move your pants just enough

To slide down on me where I am

I bask in your glow of the midnight film show

While you move in your own perfect time

Your hips are exquisite, I am quickly undone

Inside you I feel every inch that you shift

I reach out and hold you as close as I can

No better to me than a surprise precious gift

Your hands find my face and you look in my eyes

As if you haven’t seen me in years

You kiss me right through me as you find your conclusion

On your face I spot one single tear

After a moment you return your mouth down to me

Moving in for the kill, you have me at last

I finally let go and you drink me all in

Driving me home with your control of my mast

Turning off the TV you move on to bed

Turning back to see me follow suit

For you know just as well night is not over

And I come after you in pursuit