Love/Hate Relationship

Thoughts of you won’t leave me alone

As I try to go through my day

I try to expel you from my train of thought

But you dig your heels in and stay

Passion so rough it’s bound to draw blood

This is what you have left me

Nowhere to go I cannot abate you

So tempting and hateful an enemy

The balance of seduction and loathing is perfect

I can’t stand you and you hate me back

But something inside just will not deny

You have no choice but to press your attack

The verbal assaults are the opening volley

No better artist exists besides you

Just when you’ve spat your best degradation

A slap ‘cross my face says Fuck You

At once I see red as I’ve had enough

With force I throw your sleek body

On the bed to land just where you belong

Your eyes say you’re anything but sorry

In no time at all I’m right where you lay

Kissing your lips as I grasp your sharp face

At first you protest but then you give in

In order to fight you must stay

You rip through my shirt and throw it aside

I pull your hair as we tumble through sheets

Your kiss on my shoulder turns sharp in my side

When you bite down too hard with your teeth

“Shit!  Get off!” I push you on back

As my motive has moved somewhere else

I unbutton and pull off your pants to reveal

What your mouth would refuse to tell

You were ready for me in no time at all

As my mouth took you in in perfect satisfaction

One hand in my hair and the other gripping cotton

It was my mission to bring you elation

I moved up to continue my selfish pursuit

For the moment you were short of your breath

I turned you to lie so I could fill the inside

And show you the extent of my wealth

The string of profanities that flowed from your mouth

Was the best compliment you could ever offer

I moved in real close with my hand on your throat

There was no way this was getting any softer

My grip and my thrust grew ever stronger

You struggled to take in some air

Your hand found mine but didn’t pull back

The bruise on your neck you would wear

I shifted and finished as my mission was done

You felt my warm release cover your ass

Somewhere deep inside a deep sense of pride

Welled within me addressing our past

I would collect my few things and leave you right there

Laid out in all our fury

A bitch you may be but nevertheless

Sex with you would never be boring