Midnight Dance

I was lost deep in my slumber

When I suddenly found myself awake

I struggled to take in my surroundings

In my groggy and unbalanced state

In a moment I took in to focus

The soft stirring at place by my side

I saw you already engaged in sensation

That you drew from deep down inside

Your lips were pursed as you lay there

Taking in ecstasy only you could ensure

A soft moan you couldn’t help but utter

Your pleasure was only too pure

Without looking you reached for my hand

And set it upon your chest

With control you guided my movements

Upon your lead I took in your breast

You smiled and said “I’ve been waiting for you”

Your lips moved right up to meet me

You stopped just short of touching my face

And shook with a gasp so gently

Biting your lip you soon changed your mind

Moving down to kiss something else

Over the next few minutes I couldn’t help but ponder

If true a dream I had bidden farewell

Now I was yours and fully alert

You had sent a shock right through me

Your face now with mine I tasted your lips

My hands grasping hold of your body

Holding my wrists you said “Not tonight”

My hands were placed on the bed

You reached down and held me firm in your grasp

Guiding me in through your legs you had spread

It was torture to keep myself held at bay

When by soul ached just to touch you

Gliding your hips through my madness you knew

You could all ensure by swift breakthrough

You changed your pace for the time had come

Our encounter had come to fruition

My release met yours just as they sang the same key

My need met in your harsh passion

You knelt down do me and nuzzled in close

To remember this moment forever

We lay as we were spent through to the bone

Finishing the night with each other in slumber