Moving on Inspiration

I find you alone and unaware of me

Lost in the task before you

So when I come behind you and breathe in your scent

A pleasant smile is exactly what comes through

You are enveloped in my arms as I kiss on your neck

Soft, sweet, and slow

The sound you expel is what you would think

You would make when you sample fresh cookie dough

You hold my arms and enjoy the affection

No better a moment than this

My hands move around and find the sweet mound

On your chest that I know brings you bliss

With a touch strong and firm just where you wanted

You lick you lips lost in your thought

Then my touch moves down to next playful round

We have gone too far now just to stop

You feel my thumb trace the inside waistline

Of the soft cotton you wear underneath

For a moment before I press on one step more

Your neck feels tense pressure of my teeth

Undone by my touch you press back into me

You quickly reach down to me and respond

The intensity builds as you cry out your pleasure

In a fury you press on till you’ve won

A short moment is taken to collect our breath

You go to the bedroom and bid me come here

For what I began you insure you would finish

No matter what the next door neighbors should hear