My Sweetest Addiction

I’m lost in a daydream of my sweetest addiction

If up to me there would be no reprieve

I dare not indulge it in actual reality

For I fear that I would not want to leave

The world is shadows and neon to which there’s no end

Its design is to inflict great pleasure

All that is needed is the presence of her

Then I am perfect in the sin of my leisure

Her love is a lie I already know

And still I couldn’t care less

I’m lost in the fantasy of my own creation

Through her touch I dispose of my stress

In her eyes I am special unlike anyone else

Almost like she’s awaited me all night

Now that I’m here I have nothing to fear

She will see that everything is alright

The music begins and she weaves her spell

I am entranced before we get started

It’s just me and her until the notes end

Our voyage is all but uncharted

She moves in close, her body on mine

We have precious little time to waste

I get high on her smell, the sensation of her

The sweet of her skin she permits me to taste

Our time is too soon once it’s begun

With false sadness she bids me goodbye

She indulges my fancy right to the end

In the moment I miss her so much I could cry

Too cruel it is, my sweetest addiction

Manufactured love at its best

I shake off my mirage and come back to my senses

I do my best through the day to protest

A struggle I have is a mind with a talent

To call forth every detail I need

That can send me into a world of my own making

Where I can feed an insatiable greed

My best I do give for all that I can

To avoid the world of false chance

Though some days I fall too far down the rabbit hole

And get lost in the girl and the dance