Prelude to Date Night

Getting ready to go out for the evening

You ask for my help with your dress

All that remains is the zipper to move

To complete your pristine look to impress

I move up behind you to do as you bid

And close the small teeth up your back

Instead I hold just a moment and take in the view

Underneath your dress all in black

The curves that are you hold fast my gaze

I cannot turn from the visage of you

My hands find your skin instead of your clothes

My plans for the evening out the window I threw

You feel me behind as I draw in your sent

Then my thoughts are spinning round the room

My lips find your neck and I begin to consume

As the first night that I became your own groom

You only protested a moment due to the amount of your time

You had spent leading right up to this

You relented as soon as you felt my excitement

And the intention brought on by my lips

I could feel you smile as you reached down to me

Taking hold of what was rightfully yours

My hands took your body as the hunger inside grew

Casting aside your black dress to the floor

With one touch you directed me just where to go

As you brought me to the edge of the bed

And took full control of the exchange between us

Making sure my whole wardrobe was shed

Now that you had me cast down in the sheets

You moved forth to do as you would

Your tongue found the spot that you knew oh so well

To bring as much strong sensation you could

Just as I felt I would crawl out my skin

You moved up to meet my green eyes

Then slid down on to me as only you could

Giving out only the subtlest of cries

One hand on my chest to steady yourself

Your hips began a new chant

To say I was yours you claimed me right there

I begged you to slow but you responded I can’t

You moved with a fury I could only describe

As animalistic in the pursuit of your prey

In a quick moment you brought me to the end of myself

Finishing in only your distinct, sexy way

Not content with just that you returned down to taste

The culmination of our journey on sheets

And brought out again what I had just given you

Taking my body as a dessert perfectly sweet

You stood up and smiled as your work had been finished

I was spent as I lay where I was

You warned me to rest for just a minute or two

As this reprieve was only a pause