Shared Sweat

I’ve been hitting up the gym now for a few weeks

Working to lose some weight and get lean

But what started my tenure on becoming a member

What kept me was not workout, but what my eyes had seen

I saw you before you saw me

You were lost in the count of your reps

The look and form of your beautiful body

Brought a sharp halt in the middle of my steps

In the weeks that followed we played our little game

Our eyes watching each other through work

Barely a word had been spoken between us two

But our intentions for each other were sure

Through the muscles that flexed and showed your power

The sweet sweat that glistened your body

You were just as taken in me as I was with you

The tension between us had become our own prodding

Then finally one day as I was curling my arm

You passed behind me on your way to your run

Passing your fingers just across the span of my shoulders

Clearly saying you were ready for fun

I finished my set and took the long way round

To the showers so you could see where I was

I left the door unlocked so you would come enter

Responding to your invitation of rendezvous at once

I wasn’t in the shower but just one quick minute

When I heard the door open then lock

You stepped in with me without your own clothes

I couldn’t believe my extremely good luck


Your lips came to mine as the time had at last come

With this game we had played for forever

You reached down to find me ready for you

The feel of your touch was what sent me on over

I moved from your mouth to explore your whole body

My tongue was anxious to taste

From your chest onward down to the sweetness of you

I wasn’t about to let this moment be waste

I lingered there as I spoke my affection

Your wordless replies indicating your pleasure

You let me take in my fill of all I wanted

Deciding to take my time in all of my leisure

At your first climax you bade me stand to my feet

For you needed to catch your breath

Then it was your turn to travel and take me as yours

And show me the troves of sweet oral wealth

What I had imagined in my mind didn’t come close

To what you unleashed on me that day

I barely kept standing on my own two feet

As you took me in your very own way

Not wanting to finish you met me again

But I turned you to the shower wall

Took hold of your hips and moved on inside you

I was determined to give you my all

Between the water and you all I felt was wet hot

Upon your pleading I pressed on in deeper

With all the sexual seeds we had been sowing these weeks

It was almost time to become lustful reapers

I held on my own till you had come to your time

And I released just as you did the same

We held still a moment as we could barely move

At the conclusion of our prolonged seduction game

You turned and kissed me with the sound you would make

As if you had finished the best meal of your life

Then left our joint shower and collected your things

And went on your own way to the right


I finished my shower and went my way home

Thoughts of you remained in my mind

For the time that we met and joined on together

Was as perfect a moment in time

I would see you again and your face would smile

The next time we met at the gym

And again your fingers would trace cross my shoulders

To initiate the next chapter of intimacy within