Temporary Game

Coming in from the rain still falling outside

My eyes, they do not leave you

Failing to take our passion in stride

In the tempest I rushed out to have you

Under the roof we can hear the sound of rain falling

Still the guise to our passionate ruse

Soaked to the bone in the clothes we have on

A vision in water, still becoming my muse

Moving to you I begin to remove

Your wet clothes to the floor one by one

I slow just a moment with you pants still in place

I drop to my knees to finish what had begun

Undone and then down jeans gone like the rest

Hands caressing your thighs cold from rain

My teeth take your lace in a firm, tight grasp

And remove them from you with no shame

My lips trace your leg from ankle on up

Finding a home in between your two legs

Tasting your sweetness I consume you at once

Pleading never to stop your lips beg

The moans from your mouth, your hands in my hair

Soon I am ready for you

I stand to my feet and meet your green eyes

Our moment was long overdue

My clothes hit the floor on our way to the bed

What we started was not close to over

The dry warmth of sheets brought me closer to you

Warm with you here in bed under covers

I moved in to you just as you made

A move to wrap me in legs

Your hips moving in rhythm with the storm outside

Your hold on me so strong I would beg

Pressing your attack you sped up your pace

Bringing me up and holding me close

All that was left was to hold to each other

In your fury you would bring this to close

You felt me swell as my very last resort

I could contain myself in you not much longer

Your nails in my skin was your cue to my senses

Releasing together made our bond even stronger

We held on to each other in an ecstatic forever

Outside of time we were one in the same

Then seconds returned and with it reality

As a reminder we were playing a temporary game