The Letter

I am not with you now, but some place away

Yet I am still by your side

The written page you hold in your hand

Will give you words as to feel me inside

Settling down to read my thoughtful, sweet love note

You will find something not quite so sweet

For I left you today with soft words of love

My words here are for us in the sheets

Beginning to read the script that I’ve laid

Your senses will begin to heighten

You feel a quick flush and then just enough

To feel your legs reflexively tighten

My words tell you in detail just what I would do

If I were with you tonight

You feel my lips on your neck and my hands on your hips

You imagine the growth of my might

Taking a seat you lean back for your comfort

As you unbutton the snap to your jeans

Reaching down as you read on further the story

Where I describe all the use at my means

I write of your breasts and the care I give them

As I tease, as I suckle and bite

Nipples growing hard now you cannot escape

In my absence I have touched you just right

I tell how my mouth will work down your body

Till I find my place in between your two legs

And taste the sweet fruit of all that is you

Till you are squirming and just starting to beg

Your hand is my tongue as you continue to read

Almost bringing you to the point of release

And just when you think you can take it no more

My focus changes in response to your pleas

I speak of kissing you deeply as I slide in to you

Every inch of me do you feel

Moving in heavy wave after wave

I prompt you to emit a soft squeal

Whether you realized or not your fingers matched my description

You have brought your own voice to respond

In your solitude we are together as I press in to you

My own words making love to your mind

Your clothes now disheveled as we press on to finish

You could swear you feel me then swell

You cum as if I was the one who had brought you

To climax in the end oh so well


My absence isn’t long but is all too real

So for now all I can leave you is words

But soon you will feel me in spirit and truth

When I enact all the description inferred