You Need To Watch What You Say

You need to watch what you say

For you don’t know what you do

What is just words that are spoken go in to my ear

Are processed in my brain

And thrown to the movie screen of my mind

And I see them – your words


I see you as you talk about that you fantasize about

What you like – What turns you on

Where you like to be touched

What you like to hear

But it’s not just that

I see it all, feel it all, and sense it all

When you words say you touch yourself

I see you reclined

One hand reaching to move you while the other caresses your chest

I see your lips gently part as you close your eyes and just…feel

I hear the quickening of your breath as you are bringing on more pleasure

A moan, a biting of your lip, a squirm as you can’t help but move

I see goosebumps scale your skin and nipples go hard

I hear you move between your legs as the intensity grows

I even see the one in your thoughts – the fantasy

But can’t help but wonder if it’s me

I see all of you as you build and build until you can take it no longer

Your hand reaches out for a pillow, sheets, SOMETHING to hold on to

I see your wetness explode as your body shivers

Then you take a breath

Settle down

You touch yourself again but just to savor the moment


You need to watch what you say for it is in words alone you have stirred me

I am moved by inspired imagination – the thought of you escaping stagnation

And can only contain my own thoughts, my words

For I know what words do to me, would I do that to you?


And if I did, did I mean to?

I had better watch what I say