Your Mouth

I am transfixed by your mouth

Of all the glorious parts of your body

It is your mouth that caresses me

That tastes me

Ravishes me

Makes me feel like a man

Words from your lips build me up

Tell me I’m needed

I’m wanted

Craved for

It is our mouth that sucks on my thumb while I hold you face in my hand

As if it was all you could to and take me in

I feel your breath against my skin

Hot and wet, fueled by your wanting

It is your tongue on my skin

Tracing parts of me, almost claiming me against all others

Moving down


You taste me in full and I lose my breath

I am savored by you

I’m enjoyed


I hear sounds from your mouth that show your desire

Mmmmmmm escapes your lips

A quickened breath

It is your mouth that says that you want me


You tell me where you want me and I take you

I follow your commands as you give them



Yes, right there

You are lost in me and I in you and your mouth is your only release

The profanity that once you would try to hide is dispersed with forceful ease

Once you have found your release after your verbal direction

Your mouth takes over once more

I am brought to fruition over the mix of us both

And you take me in all that I am

Your mouth never stops as it brings forth a smile

I see a touch of myself at your corner

Your tongue moves cross your lips to savor my taste

You know just what you have done

In biting your lip in your mischievous way

You announce that you want one more run